Usual hours

Our usual clinic hours are Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm. Appointments are available from 8:00am - 4:45pm. Our late night clinic is Thursday nights from 5pm - 7pm.


Weekend Clinics

We alternate weekend clinics with local practices. When we are on duty, we are open on the weekend between 9am and 12pm. Call us on the day or pop into the clinic. The best way to know who is on duty on a weekend is to ring our phone number 863 8195 and speak with a nurse.

After Hours


We provide 24 hour care for patients via a roster system shared with other local practices.


Please ring our phone number 863 8195 and your call will be answered by a Registered Nurse triage service. The nurse will be able to give you advice and put you in contact with the on-call doctor necessary.


After 10pm on weeknights and 1pm on the weekends, if you need to see a doctor you will be directed to Thames Hospital.







(Alternating with local practices)


Waihi Health Centre

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