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Waihi Health Centre secures Very Low Cost Access funding

September 2015


Waihi Health Centre's Business Manager, Martin Parish, has successfully advocated for the Waihi population to secure Very Low Cost Access (VLCA) for Waihi Health Centre patients.


The VLCA scheme supports general practices with an enrolled population of 50% or more high needs patients where the practice agrees to maintain patient fees at a low level. Essentially, the practice is given extra funding so they are able to reduce fees. The maximum a practice can charge while being a VLCA clinic is $17.50, and Waihi Health Centre has reduced this fee even further to $15 per GP visit. 


Martin and Waihi Health Centre staff had been pushing for VLCA since earlier this year, and they were thrilled for it to finally pay off. "All good things come to those that wait, they say! Waihi should have had this benefit since 2006, but better late than never!" he said. Following the successful application by Martin, the Hauraki Primary Health Organisation approached others in the area to see if they also wanted to step up and provide low cost access to all residents of Waihi. 


Dr Suzanne Greaves, GP Principal of Waihi Health Centre said that "affordability is a barrier for so many people who need to see a GP, and that's something which has concerned me for a long time in Waihi. Everyone deserves to have affordable access to a doctor, and reducing the fees to $15 is our way of showing Waihi that we care about their health and their pockets."


To enrol with us and access the funding, check out our enrolment page. Find out more about VLCA on the Ministry of Health website



FREE Visits for all under 18 years

1 July 2015


From 1 July, practices around the country will receive more funding for under 13 year olds. This means that many health centres are now offering free visits for under 13s. At Waihi Health Centre, we've chosen to take it further and reduce our fees for all patients under the age of 18 years. Whether you're a registered patient, or just a visitor, visits for those under the age of 18 years are FREE. 


For more information, visit the Ministry of Health website.


Clinico Dentures Joins Waihi Health Centre

5 August 2015


It's happening this week!!


On Thursday August 6th, Clinico Dentures will be holding clinics in our rooms at School Lane, Waihi. You can call them on 0800 11 23 24 for booking appointments between the hours of 8.30am and 12.30pm, every Thursday.


Clinico are 100% New Zealand owned, they have a mobile Lab offering same day service. They promise to beat any other price by 5%.


Check out their website here



Flu Vaccines Available NOW

31 March 2015


Flu vaccinations are now available. They are free to a lot of people - see the criteria and if you qualify here.


For those who don't qualify for funded vaccines, the charge is $25.

Delay in supply of Flu Vaccinations
March 2015

The Ministry of Health has advised there will be a delay in the supply of flu vaccinations throughout New Zealand. While we usually start vaccinating in February, the vaccines will not be available this year until early April. Flu vaccinations are free for everyone over 65 years old. They are also free to patients with certain conditions such as COPD, diabetes and heart disease. Contact one of our nurses on 07 863 8195 to see if you're eligible. We will update this site and our Facebook page when the vaccines are available.


See the MoH press release for further details.

Christmas Period Opening Hours
December 2014

22-24 December – 8am-5pm

25 December – CLOSED

26 December – 9am-12pm (Dr Goodall)

27 December – 9am-12pm (Dr Goodall)

28 December – 9am-12pm (Dr Goodall)

29 – 31 December – 8am-5pm

1 January – 9am-12pm (Dr Greaves)

2 January – 9am-12pm (Dr Greaves)

3 January – CLOSED

4 January – CLOSED


5 January we return to our usual hours. We hope you have a safe Christmas and New Year.


If you're looking for an alternative to traditional medicine, look no further. Registered Nurse Kathleen Young is now operating from one of our rooms at Waihi Health Centre.



The word shiatsu means finger pressure and shiatsu therapy involves applying pressure with the thumb, fingers and palms, sometimes elbows, knees or even feet are used to activate, or disperse the energy flow as appropriate. Treatments also include stretching the body and gentle rotation of limbs and joints.


Infant Massage

Combine both touch and communication to deepen and strengthen the bond of love, while promoting healthy physical and emotional growth. Effective communication begins by observing and listening to your baby.


Other Services

Reflexology – for those who adore their feet massaged.
Aromatherapy – essential oils add to the therapeutic effect of both relaxation and remedial massage.
Cupping and Moxibustion – used to release blocked or stagnant blood or energy.
Colour vibration – introducing colour by means of pure silk Thai scarves.


Read more on the website.

Call Kathleen on 07 863 1115 or 022 681 1415 to make an appointment.

Smoking Cessation Clinics a success
October 2014

Individual Smoking Cessation Clinics at the Waihi Health Centre started in February last year and are led by practice nurses Mary Reekers and Lynley Watson. Both had completed the two-day Heart Foundation ABC course and were ex-smokers so they understood the challenges, highs and lows of quitting smoking.

Four hours of nursing time are devoted to the clinics each week, on a morning and evening basis. They are free to the patient and funded from Health Promotion money which also covered the cost of a Pico Smokelyser.

From the beginning, their catchphrase has been: There is no judgement, no failure.


Lynley explains: ‘There is no failure as far as we’re concerned. They (smokers) are trapped, consumed by cigarettes and trying to find a way out. They’re always looking for the right time to quit but life isn’t like that; there will never be a perfect time. Every single person has got something from their visit. They’ve walked out with a plan in place and follow-up. We know if they’ve been smoking because the Smokelyser reading tells us but we always tell them that today’s another day, don’t smoke today.’


Mary and Lynley have different approaches and will refer patients if they think the other one will have more success.


Mary: ‘If I ask somebody if they want to give up, and they say, “Mmm…I guess”, then I won’t hesitate to tell them they’re not ready.’ Lynley has a different take. ‘There are a few who won’t jump out of the plane until I convince them that we, and Champix or Zyban are their parachute.’


It is early days but so far, the results are encouraging. At the beginning of August 2013, 45 patients had been seen between February and July, 29 were smokefree, 13 were unsuccessful and 3 were still receiving support.

Practice manager Donna Fisher believes that it is essential the health professionals providing the clinics are organised and passionate about helping people to quit. Lynley and Mary emphasise the importance of a whole team approach for the clinics to be successful. They are also thankful for the support they received from the Zyban and Champix reps which included online teaching sessions.


Read one of our success stories here.

Long Term Conditions
September 2014

If you have a long term condition you may be eligible to the services that we offer through our Long Term Support team. The service is a joint venture between the Hauraki PHO and Healthcare NZ. Services include home visits and advocacy for patients dealing with other organisations such as WINZ and Disability Support Link services.


This new team consists of Kaiawhina, experienced in community based health services and experienced nurses working with Whanau as an extension of Waihi Health Centre. This service is free for patients enrolled with Waihi Health Centre.  If you have a long term condition that is affecting your well-being  – talk to your GP or practice nurse to see if you meet the criteria for this service.


For more information see our page on Long Term Conditions, here.

Barron's Pharmacy Coming Soon!
August 2014

We are very excited to announce that Barron's Pharmacy will be opening a dispensary from the Waihi Health Centre building in November 2014. This will mean you can see your doctor and go straight to the dispensary for your prescriptions, and into the Pathlab for your blood tests. Waihi Health Centre is thrilled to be your one-stop shop for all of your health needs.


Barron's Pharmacy will remain in its current location as well as having a dispensary at Waihi Health Centre. We will update you when the work is complete.

FREE Smears in September
August 2014
We will be offering FREE cervical smears for the month of September! There will also be a weekend clinic on Saturday 20th September from 9am-12pm where you can come in and get your smear done for free.
Breast Screening Caravan in Waihi
July 2014

The breast screening caravan is in Waihi from 28th July - 19th September and 6th October - 14th November. It is located in the car park behind the old library. To make an appointment, call 0800 270 200.







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